Regional Meetings: Key to Approaching Stakeholders

Since the start of our operations on July 1, 2018, Discover Puerto Rico has looked to industry meetings and roundtable talks as ideal tools to broaden our reach in making initial contact with stakeholders, and in providing continuity to our engagement efforts. These events facilitate establishing and cultivating important relationships with people and organizations dedicated to providing experiences to our guests from around the world.

During our roundtable meetings, we explain the nature of a destination marketing organization, how Puerto Rico’s DMO came to be, and what our vision is. Our goal as the company tasked with all off-island promotion of Puerto Rico is to represent the entire island, the vastness of our culture, the richness of our natural resources, and the warmth of our people. It is only through the support of members of the local tourism industry and the private, non-profit, and public sectors, that we will be successful in enamoring tourists with what we know to be the most Enchanted Island in the Caribbean.

The first region to greet us was the West, where the town hall filled with people who were eager to learn about their new DMO. This meeting took place in July. October took us to Ponce, where we convened stakeholders from the Southern region. December guided us to Manatí, where a wonderful group from the North and Central regions showed up to talk about tourism and its many opportunities to boost the local economy. Before the year ends, we will also be present in Río Grande, to speak with representatives from the East region, where tourists enjoy so much variety and beauty. Upcoming roundtable meetings will take us to Vieques and Culebra, so stay tuned for details.

It is invigorating for our team to see and hear the people who work day by day in the creation of experiences for our tourists. You, our stakeholders, are the ones who truly make visitors fall in love with Puerto Rico, you are our ambassadors and our liaisons to travelers who chose our island as their ideal destination.

Thank you for your support! Let’s stay engaged!

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