Partner Spotlight: Ponce Open House Event

Last Thursday, November 1, Discover Puerto Rico visited Ponce to celebrate an Open House event with industry partners from the island’s southern region.

During the event, which was held at Puerto Rico’s oldest hotel, the Meliá Century Hotel, attendees learned more about Discover Puerto Rico’s vision, mission, culture, executive leadership team and staff. They also got a high-level overview on how we plan to position the island as a premier leisure and business destination, and power sustainable economic growth through consumer-centric, research-based marketing, best-in-class industry standards, and strategic collaboration.

The evening was kicked off with a vivid display of our heritage and culture as award-winning trovador from Villalba, Waldo Torres and guitarist from Juana Díaz, Eddie Ariel, surprised guests with an improvisation including attendees’ business names in the lyrics.

Special thanks to our partners Don Q, AVCO and SAK Entertainment, who provided local rums, audiovisual gear and performers dressed up to represent our bioluminescent bays and lush vegetation.

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