DPR Hosts FAM Trips Focused on Luxury Segment

We have been working on great projects, expanding our reach and amplifying Puerto Rico’s visibility on the traditional and social media arena. Through our FAM trip initiative, we have been able to bring high caliber journalist and social media influencers that have fully immersed in our arts, culture, gastronomy, music and everything Puerto Rico has to offer. As a result of their firsthand experience in Puerto Rico, we have seen some great media coverage and have truly increased the visibility of the island with key target audiences in top priority markets.

During this month, we have hosted three different FAM’s focused on the Luxury segment of our industry as well as meetings and conventions, and Vieques. All three groups were formed by journalist from top-tiered media outlets and trade publications like Forbes, AFAR, Travel Pulse and Just Lux among several others. We are currently working on our FAM’s schedule for 2019, and we have amazing things planned. Golf, Arts & Culture and Culebra are just a few of the next FAM’s we are planning. We want to be able to highlight our rich and diverse culture and promote every inch of Puerto Rico.

Also, during the month of December, we wanted to kick off the holiday season in a true Puerto Rican fashion, so our team put together some awesome parrandas! It does not get any more traditional than that! We were able to sign, dance and spread some holiday cheer around the island by surprising some of our industry partners at different airlines, hotels, paradores, and media outlets. Our partners truly enjoyed the music and the tembleque and arroz con dulce that we brought. Puerto Rico has the longest holiday season in the world, and we wanted to mark the start of the season by doing something special.

If you would like more information on partnering with Discover Puerto Rico on future FAM trips, please contact Xiomara Rodriguez at xiomara.rodriguez@discoverpuertorico.com  or by calling 787-957-8823.

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