Discover Puerto Rico Takes Over Art Basel in Miami

Puerto Rico certainly has one of the most diverse and exciting art scenes in the Americas and during the most recent edition of Art Basel Miami, specifically at the Basel House Mural festival—our island’s rich culture and vibrancy was brought to life.

Although several Puerto Rican artists have participated in this art fair in the past, this is the first time that Puerto Rico strategically utilizes this platform to invite potential visitors to come and promote the island.

Discover Puerto Rico worked with Carlos “Carlitos Skills” Rivera and David “Don Rimx” Sepúlveda and, together, they created a colorful 50-foot mural featuring locally relevant cultural elements such as the “piragüa,” the cuatro player and the coquí.

The impressive mural was unveiled on Saturday, December 8 with live cuatro and guitar players and piragüa sampling in partnership with Rums of Puerto Rico. This remarkable work of art will be up for three months at RC Cola Plant, in 550 NW 24th St, Miami and it will receive approximately 250,000 visitors. Local celebrities and influencers, including actress and TV host Alexandra Pomales and actor Julian Gil, came to see our mural, took pictures and shared them with millions of followers.

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