Discover Puerto Rico Reaches Out Beyond San Juan

The municipalities of beautiful Puerto Rico contain so many treasures and tourist attractions, and Discover Puerto Rico wants to see as many as possible! It will take us a while to cover the whole island, but we are so happy to have already received invitations to explore locations in Loíza, Morovis, Vega Alta, Caguas, and Bayamón. Members of our staff have been lucky to visit hidden gems that will surely captivate tourists’ hearts.

Loíza enchanted us with well-kept traditions of our ancestors, such as meaningful head-wraps, energizing bomba music, and delicious cooking in the burén, which is a steel plate that is heated with firewood. We even got to meet painter and sculptor Samuel Lind. His work belongs in the world’s finest museums, yet he remains as humble as can be and his workshop is open to visitors in his hometown. It was inspiring to feel such cultural pride and see such natural beauty, so close to the San Juan Metro Area.

Morovis amazed us with Las Cabachuelas, a 60-cave system that is carefully being developed as a tourist attraction where you can see well-preserved drawings made by our Taíno ancestors, along with flora and fauna typical of this ecosystem. Truly a geological treasure that provides insights about our island’s history, such as the existence of sloths in Puerto Rico, this area is a peaceful, natural setting that should be protected and is best interpreted with the help of expert guides. Another wonderful surprise just minutes from San Juan!

Vega Alta is the birthplace of artist Lin-Manuel Miranda’s grandfather, and it is where the award-winning composer spent his time during visits to his abuelos while growing up. So, it’s not surprising that this municipality, with beautiful beaches and mountains, is looking to art and culture to revitalize its urban areas. Murals meet live jazz music, the largest pizza in Puerto Rico meets aromatic coffee… The town is buzzing with new energy and we are eager to see it bloom!

Caguas has so much to offer, including its Fine Arts Center, a local brewery, several historical museums–including a folk-art museum and the Museum of Tobacco, the award-winning Sangría Los Hermanos, and the Ruta del Beato, very appealing for religious tourists. The Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature and spend the day appreciating its beauty.

Bayamón has surprised us greatly. We all know this municipality for its tasty chicharrón and its attention to sports facilities and sporting events, but little did we know that art and culture are at the heart of a new initiative to revitalize its urban areas. From resident artists with open workshops in the center of the town, to hip businesses filled with local fashion and delicious coffee, Bayamón is on the must-watch list for their upcoming projects and developments that will form a hub of cultural and economic activity.

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