Diaspora Roundtables Kick-Off

For decades, the Puerto Rican Diaspora has been the island’s solid frontline of ambassadors, and it is imperative to foster a strong alliance and work alongside with them to communicate Puerto Rico is open for business and welcoming travelers. With that in mind, we have set out to do a series of “Roundtable Sessions” in key cities in the US where there is a high concentration of Puerto Ricans.

Through these sessions, we can engage with key community organizations and influential leaders that can help us amplify our message. We believe there has never been a more crucial time for tourism in Puerto Rico than today, and although the island’s recent past has been challenging, the future is bright for its tourism industry.

The first “Diaspora Roundtable” took place in New York City last December, and it was a success. This February, we will host sessions in Orlando and Miami. We are also planning additional sessions in Chicago, Atlanta, and other key markets in the USA.

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